Monday, 16 July 2007

June 30th: Day 28

Today was a total beach day. It was great. Swam in the Med. Sea. The sand was a bit dirty in a weird dusty way. And it took us forever to find a food store to get stuff to bring to the beach. Stumbled upon a nude beach which was really quite different. Women go topless more often on regular beachs than with a top. The beach was really relaxing though. Overall, I was surprised by the food there, but I am just so glad I was able to go to Spain. The original Aquarius was better than the orange.
Meet some pretty cool people-some not so cool. I wanted to kill these guys in the hostel. But it was a great trip. Oh, and "Mesahee?!?"

Haiku of the day:

Barcelona beach,
One crazy freakin night out
Damn Austrialian boy!

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