Tuesday, 19 June 2007

June 12th: Day 10

I was surprised that Michael Johnson bashed Pentagram, and to be honest I didn't really love a lot of his work, but I thought he was a great person with valuable things to say. But I know now more than ever that I do not want to work in a small firm. He was good at guitar. The editor of eye was nice-just a great diccussion about graphic design in the park (after the fire drill). The questions he asked really made me think about what and how I personally feel about graphic design....it also made me realize how much I truly learned and grew this past year. Also, I have realized not to care SOOOO much about money..I am in freaking EUROPE!!!!!

Hiaku of the day:

Yum, the Pepper Tree
Michael Johnson played guitar,
Fire drill at Eye!

total cost:

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