Tuesday, 19 June 2007

June 14th: Day 12

Went to abbey road..took the classic pictures and posed as the beatles, but it was a busy road so it was kind of hard and we were blocking traffic. I was totally honored to have been invited to lunch with Graham Fink. Just great conversation..I really admire him..he is a big ad guy. Loved his story about how he got into the business. LOVE IDEAS!!! It was the first ad visit that was really inspiring, when he talked to the group, it was not just the normal, let me show you and talk about my work. He was demonstrating points about originality and was thought provoking. He gave real advice from his experience...amazing. Went shopping for a little. Went to the pub with Graham and a bunch of vcers after his talk, then had great indian food with my flat.

Haiku of the Day:

Great lunch with Graham Fink,
Abbey Road and the Beatles,
Where ideas come from.

Quote of the Day:
"Be a sponge"
"get out of the way of yourself"
"putting two things together"

total cost:
-not calculated yet.....

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