Tuesday, 12 June 2007

June 9th: Day 7

Crazy thing happened- we went to the Design Museum to see an exhibiton of this guy Luigi Colani's work, and he is sitting in the cafe!! So Bill approached him and he took us on a personal tour of his work. This guy is truly the "father" of everything. He is a designer and engineer that bases all of his designs off of nature to produce the most aero and hydro dynamic machines in the world. He single handedly revolutionized the shoe, camera, automotive, train, plane, boat, etc. industry. He built the fastest Ferrari 20 years ago and they have yet to make one that is faster. This guy was crazy. He has gold business cards!! Actual gold that comes coated in that plastic that coats new electronics when you get it. Then we went to Borough Market, an outdoor eating market type thing, it was nice. Then we went to the Tate and it was a tad disappointing. But I think it is because I played it up so much in my mind considering it is one of the most visited museums in the world. They have certains pieces and artists that were great though, like Rothko and Oldenberg.

haiku of the day:

Real gold business cards
How much Dali and one see

total cost:
$608.80----I know but it is because of the trips that I booked!!!!

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