Monday, 25 June 2007

June 23rd: Day 21

Today was mostly spent at Portabello Road. It is really awesome with tons of everything from antiques to goth stores/booths. I got sneakers and my feet are loving that!!! I dont really like fish and chips, and I am probably going back their next Saturday. The weather here is totally bipolar. One minute it is pouring rain and cold, and then it is hot and sunny. Also there are no hellium balloons in this city! I looked all morning for Jess because it was her bday today. And also 21 bdays are assciated with keys over here, not sure why. Also meet these really dodgey guys, yuck. Bought such cool stuff though! Then out for Jess's bday.

haiku of the day:

Portabello Road
Jessicas birthday dinner
So tired again

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