Tuesday, 12 June 2007

June 7th: Day 5

It was unreal to see such famous and old pieces of art at the British Museum today (the rosetta stone, Parthenon, Discus thrower etc.). Then I got the most amazing hot dog I ever had. Greyworld with Andrew was sooo crazy. He is a true genius I think. His company does public urban installations. I don't understand how he thinks up what he does. I want a tail!! Pizza was amazing. Then it took forever for us to get our tickets to Scotland but we did it!!!

haiku of the day:

Late to the BM
Greyworld was ridiculous
Tickets to Scotland!

Quotes of the day:

"water your geek"-Andrew
"if you need something clever in the name, you probably should have put it in the work"-Andrew
"anything written in Latin sounds clever"-Andrew

total cost:

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