Monday, 25 June 2007

June 20th: Day 18

OH, I dont know if you realized but I officially lost track of the total cost...oh well. Today we say Satwinder Sehmi. He is a calligrapher. He came to Delaware when I was a sophomore. He is amazing, just brilliant. Words cannot descirbe this guy's talent. Then we had this talk by a writer in the park, and this creepy guy comes over and asks to join our group. We find out later that he is some notorious gangster just out of prison, and waiting to go back in. Totally infamous in London, movies have been made about him and his brother. Crazy scary. Then went to the Kenetica Museum, which had an exhibition on all audio and kenetic stuff. Really cool stuff to play with in there. Overall, great day. I also wrote a really nice reflection of the trip so far in my journal. I have so many ideas that I cannot wait to get started on!

Haiku of the Day:

Grace and elegance,
Scary gangster in the park,
And Kinetica!

Quotes of the day:
"dance on the page"
"use whole body to write"
"fastest nib in the west"
"do something cool"

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