Monday, 25 June 2007

June 24th: Day 22

MORE SHOPPING at Camden market. Apparently I am into skulls and skeletons on clothing. And I also realized that I wish I looked good in hats and head wraps-but my head is too small. Camden is like Portabello, but a lot more goth for some reason, Portabello is better. Then went for a Sunday roast. Which is a typical English dinner, it was like thanksgiving, you get sooo much for so little. It was great. But I almost died today. I got stuck in the doors in the tube, like totally smashed, all bruised, sprained my ankle, it was horrible. I pulled myself back in the tube as hard as a could, right before I was about to lose three of my limbs!!!! I am fine though, just banged up.

haiku of the day:

Smashed in the subway
spending a lot of money
sunday chicken roast

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