Monday, 25 June 2007

June 18th: Day 16

We had a bunch of stuff planned on the schedule today, but things got mixed up and we ended up at the RCA (Royal College of Arts) senior exhibition. It was good, sooo much stuff in it, and it consisted of two buildings. Really cool stuff with type there, and I enjoyed the industrial design stuff a lot. I collected so many postcards from the show and I have no idea where any of them went. We also went to the Serpentine Gallery and we went to the Princess Diana Memorial. Then that night Craig and I decided to just go somewhere, expecting it to be a low key night, and we get off a random tube stop and we see Chris Daughtry pass us. So we go up to him and start talking to him, and he says he is playing a sold out concert tonight. Loooong story short we GET IN his sold out concert, it was amazing. I am not soo into Idol but he played a really good show, and then at the end we got his PICK!!! It was exciting!

Haiku of the Day:

Schedule mix up,
RCA exhibition,
Chris Daughtry concert!

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